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Howdy. There are many in this world that believe we are what we do; but I think it's more "do what you are". Be genuine to yourself. Be your authentic self.

My name is Steve. Here I will share my love of motorcycles, photography, women, watches, art, and other goodies from culture and lifestyle.

I build custom motorcycles (cafe racers), & restore old vintage and retro bikes. I like things that contribute to self development.
I also dabble in photography, which i will share here too.

Enjoy. Be good to one another. Namaste.

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Ceremonial Dagger

  • Dated: mid-19th Century
  • Culture: Italian

The dagger has a straight, double-edged blade, ribbed at the tip and with three deep grooves. The tang is slightly thickened, and almost the entire surface is engraved with floral motifs. It features a brass hilt picturing a skeleton wearing a tunic, while the guard features is a snake in-the-round. Comes together with a velvet-covered wooden sheath with brass mounts decorated with bas-relieved leaf patterns.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Live Auctioneers

Very interesting…

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“ You and I, in fact everyone all over the world,
we’re literally African under the skin; brothers and sisters separated by a mere two thousand generations.
Old-fashioned concepts of race are not only socially divisive,
but scientifically wrong. ”

—    Dr. Spencer Wells, Genographic Project lead scientist (via thedragoninmygarage)

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