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Call me Steve, or "Sir" if you please. From "down under" (Australia)
An unhealthy penchant for motorcycles, photography, younger women, watches, & art.
Some days, I'm a very bad man ;) Other days I'm rather civilized :) If you get to know me, I'm understanding, non-judgemental, and affectionate... but make no mistake, I embrace my inner wolf.

In my spare time, I restore & customise motorcycles.
Fresh coffee, wilderness, photography, live rock, tattoos, & naughty young ladies... these are my heroine.
Be genuine. Be your authentic self. Live with passion. Be good to one another. Namaste.

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Bloody timezones.

When you desire to have conversations with someone,
but it’s still early morning on the other side of our sphere where they live.

And do you love someone currently? If so, tell me of their eyes, their smile, the way their face lights up when they talk about you.

Asked by nouveau-deces

Hi nouveau ;)

you know, I had originally written an essay for the answer, but then I changed my mind and decided to amend it, mostly because I don’t think anyone really wanted to know the whole story. So here’s a briefer version LOL

I was recently in-love, but i am currently unattached. The girl I had loved was a dainty and fair young lady, with milky sweet skin, and a long thin kissable neck. She was most definitely a Russian lady, and much about her exuded it. Her eyes were soft but piercing.. like that of a mother wolf. Her hair a mousy braowny-red, and her lips were pout and plump, like the hips of a 1950’s starlet. We spoke on skype often, and whenever we did, she would glow… and her smile radiated her happiness to be talking with me. Her nose would wrinkle up like a bunny’s nose would.. it was pretty darn cute.

But that was then, and things have changed.. and even though I lost something wonderful, I am finding even more wonderful things now. so now I’m moving forward onto better, brighter, more amazing experiences :)

If you’d like to read the original story I posted, I can message it to you perhaps?

“ The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept. ”


Jack London (via xahhx)

The wild in me is a cultured beast. Not tamed.. just cultured. My wolf is out on the hunt… feed me.

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